Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants and Bars


Pandawa Beach Villas & Resort provides  4 restaurants  with various selection of cuisines. These all are offering all-day dining.  The restaurants feature a tempting à la carte menu of Western and Asian cuisine. Culinary delights include salads, soups, grilled chicken, nasi goreng, assorted satay, beef rendang, and much more.


Suharti Restaurant & Bar

This  restaurant is located just the opposite of the main pool. Breakfast is served here serving in house  as well as the guests from outside.  Suharti Restaurant specializes on Indonesian Food. Other Asian favorite is also available  such as Thai and Chinese Food. Sandwich and Pizza can also be ordered


Sake Restaurant & Bar

For those love Japanese Food, Sake Restaurant will be the expert to serve it for you.  Variety of Asian Favorite, Pasta, Sandwich, Burgers  can also be served from here


Pala Restaurant & Bar

This restaurant & Bar is independently operated but still part of Pandawa Beach Villas & Resort group. Pala Restaurant provides Italian specialty such as varieties of pizza,  spaghetti etc. Asian favorites will also be available


Kwali – All day dining & Grill house

Although Kwali Restaurant is known as a Western Specialist, Asian favorite will also be served here. Sandwich, Burger, Steak, BBQ are among the most favorite dishes.